The CBS show “Cold Case” recently ran an episode entitled “Flashover” that was loosely based on the Todd Willingham case. In the episode, a man is sent to prison for life for an arson that killed his two young children. Instead of being executed, he is killed in prison by other inmates. Evidence turns up that he did not set the arson.

Sign the email petition to urge the Texas Forensic Science Commission to hold public meetings of the Committee Investigating the Todd Willingham case. Right now, the meetings are being held in secret behind closed doors.

Below are a few short clips of the “Flashover” episode. The full episode is not online. If you are reading this on Facebook or in an email, click here to see the episode clips on the TMN blog.

Link to clip on CBS.

Link to clip on CBS.

Link to clip on CBS.

Link to Clip on CBS.

Promo of show from YouTube.

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