The “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” TV series tackled the Todd Willingham case last night. That is the second TV series in a month that has aired a fictionalized episode based on the Willingham case. The Texas Forensic Science Commission is taking a go-slow, cover-up approach to investigating the Willingham case, but not prime time popular TV.

In March, Cold Case had an episode that was also similar to the Willingham case.

Law and Order SVU’s episode last night looked even more similar to the Willingham case, especially the character of the arson investigator who looked a lot like Gerald Hurst. Sharon Stone was in last night’s episode playing a prosecutor.

One character missing from the TV treatments so far is a character based on Todd Willingham’s crazily unethical defense lawyer David Martin who went on CNN last year a couple of times in a cowboy hat drawling about how he thought Willingham was guilty. After his appearances on national TV, he was criticized by other lawyers, one of whom said “his statements are the most irresponsible, unethical, improper I have ever heard from the mouth of a criminal defense lawyer. Outrageously wrong. Utterly disgraceful.”

We can’t wait for the TV show that features both David Martin and the real life prosecutor in the Willingham case, John Jackson, who is now a judge.

Judge John Jackson also went on CNN and made some very disturbing comments, claiming that Willingham was likely a devil worshipper because he liked heavy metal music. Judge Jackson even made the bizarre, absurd statement that he believes the burn patterns on the floor appear to be in the shape of a pentagram, which Jackson sees as more evidence that Willingham was likely to be a devil worshipper.

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