Witness to an Execution: Capital Punishment in America with Thomas Cahill, David R. Dow, and Robert K. Elder at the Texas Book Festival in Austin.

Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010
Time: 4:00 – 5:00
Location: C-SPAN/Book TV Tent on grounds of Texas Capitol in Austin

As the state well-known for executing the most number of prisoners, Texas is a natural for a penetrating look at capital punishment. The writers on this panel have all examined Texas’ Death Row, whether as observers or active participants in the legal process.

Jill Patterson is a Full Professor in the Creative Writing Program at Texas Tech University. Her fiction and nonfiction has appeared most recently in Texas Monthly, Colorado Review, Carolina Quarterly, and other journals. She works as case storyteller for the West Texas Regional Public Defenders Office for Capital Cases. In this capacity, she reviews court transcripts, police records, medical and education records, and interviews defendants, family members, and other witnesses in order to tell a story used for mitigation purposes during a capital trial.

Robert K. Elder
David R. Dow
Thomas Cahill
Moderated By: Jill Patterson

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