Many people from countries other than the U.S. visit people on Texas Death Row, but the prison authorities have decided to limit international visitors to inmates
at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston by restricting international visitors to one visit per visitor’s trip to Texas. Several of our friends from overseas have written a petition to try to convince the prison authorities not to further restrict visitation for long distance and overseas visitors, which according to the peition:

“absolutely no penological purpose whatsoever but demonstrates a clear intent to:

a) Retaliate against those who support death row prisoners, often from the other side of the world. Overseas visitors travel at their own expense and use their yearly vacation to do so and long distance families and friends also travel at a dear cost to visit with their loved ones, this visiting time is precious for all concerned.

b) Further punish those on death row who are already being punished beyond their death sentence by being placed in administrative segragation (while they are not serving a term of penal servitude but are sentenced to die) to cut them further from the outside world. To these men and women, overseas support is the only support available and their only mean to sustain some kind of sanity to counterbalance the outrageous deprivations they are already enduring while waiting for their death.

We urge you to rescind this decision as it is unjustified, counterproductive, cruel and totally unnecessary to maintain order and discipline on death row.

Please sign and forward around you.

This petition needs to be signed with your FULL name and ONCE only.Incomplete names and double signatures will be removed completely.

For those overseas, please consider sending a personal letter to your ambassador or consul in Houston (or in Washington if your country doesn’t have direct representation in Texas) using the petition text in order to ask them to voice your concern to TDCJ-ID Director, Nathaniel Quaterman in Austin. Contat me directly if you need the detailed info for TDCJ addresses, fax and phone numbers.

This petition will run until Sept 20th, 2006, so please don’t wait to sign it and circulate it among your friends.

Thank you!

Sandrine Ageorges

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