Date : April 4, 2001
To : Members of the Texas Moratorium Network

Legislative support for a moratorium in Texas has never been stronger.
When we talk to the legislators and their staff, they told us over and over again that they received *MANY* calls in support of the moratorium. You did that, not the coordinators, and we are grateful.
Two moratorium bills were heard in the House and Senate committee hearings this week. The combined momentum of these bills give us a real chance for a moratorium, but we have to act now. Please don’t be silent during this window of opportunity.
1. Call legislators, if you haven’t done so. You can call anytime until they vote.
2. Attend Tues. April 17 Moratorium Rally in Austin.

There are two separate committees we need to reach. Please call as many of the following key committee members as possible. Ask House Criminal Jurisprudence members to support House Joint Resolution 56 (death penalty moratorium). Ask Senate Criminal Justice to support Senate Joint Resolution 25 (death penalty moratorium) Senate Bill 680 (death penalty study commission).
When you call, please remember to
  • Say who you are and where you’re from
  • Thank them for hearing the bill
  • Mention the bill by number and say briefly what its about (i.e. “death penalty moratorium.”)
  • You may tell them why you think a moratorium is necessary, but often they are only interested in counting your opinion as “for” or “against.”
  • Thank them again.
 All numbers below are 512
House Criminal Jurisprudence (re House Joint Resolution 56)
Rep. Juan Hinojosa (Chair) 463-0636
Rep. Jim Dunnam (Vice Chair) 463-0508
Rep. Domingo Garcia 463-0654
Rep. Ann Kitchen 463-0700 (Austin, supports moratorium)
Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer 463-0616
Rep. Terry Keel 463-0652
Rep. John Shields 463-0658
Rep. Robert Talton 463-0460
Rep. Rick Green 463-0498
Senate Criminal Justice (Senate Joint Resolution 25 and Senate Bill 680)
Sen. Kenneth Armbrister (Chair) 463-0118
Sen. John Whitmire (Vice Chair) 463-0115
Sen. Mike Moncrief 463-0112
Sen. Steve Ogden 463-0105
Sen. Teel Bivins 463-0131
Sen. Todd Staples 463-0103
Sen. Royce West 463-0123
In addition, please contact your own Representative and Senator. You find out who they are and how to reach them at, or by calling the Chief Clerk’s Office at 463-0845.

Mark your calendars for the Moratorium Rally on Tuesday, April 17th, at 5:30 pm in front of the Capitol. Expected speakers include exonerated death row inmates Randall Adams and Kerry Cook, as well as family members of execution victims. More details TBA.

Remember, the Texas legislature meets only once every two years, and the present session will last only another two months.

We need you to act now!

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