The Austin American Statesman has poked its head out from under the rock where it normally lives and is publishing a two-day, multi-article series by Chuck Lindell on the failures in the Texas habeas corpus appeals process. The series has one article that concludes that “by failing to ensure quality death penalty appeals, Texas risks a backlash from the U.S. Supreme Court that could put its capital punishment system in jeopardy”.

In the same edition of the Statesman in which the series begins, Sunday Oct 29, 2006, the Statesman endorses all the state-wide Republican candidates in non-judicial races. Then the Statesman tries to ram its choices down voters’ throats by saying, “this ballot is so long, you might want to clip this and take it with you to the polls”. No thanks, American-Statesman, Texas needs a change in leadership, so we won’t be following your irresponsible endorsement recommendations.

By endorsing Rick Perry, the Statesman is ensuring that the problems in the death penalty system will continue and that innocent people will continue to be at risk of execution.

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