Here is one of the new pieces that will be in the Houston exhibition of TMN’s death penalty art show, “Justice for All?: Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty“. The exhibition is Feb 10-18 at Houston’s M2, 325 West 19th Street.

The artist is Leah Markov-Lindsey. She was chosen in 2005 for Arthouse’s “New Emerging Talent” exhibition. She has also shown at Volitant Gallery on Congress Avenue in Austin.

Leah Markov-Lindsey


Installation shot of

Installation shot of “Memento Mori 1-12”
Embroidery on fabric with coat hanger
Memento Mori Series (ongoing) Each of these embroideries describes the clothing and accessories worn by a woman at the time of death. Their bodies were found in Texas, victims of homicide and violence. They have never been identified.
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