If you live in Texas, please use this link to contact your state senator and state representative and ask them to support a moratorium on executions and to create a blue ribbon commission to conduct a comprehensive study of the Texas capital punishment system.

While executions have slowed in other states, the torrid pace continues in Texas. So far in 2007, there have been five executions in the U.S. and four of them were in Texas. Through March, there are seven more executions scheduled in the U.S. and six of them are in Texas. In many states, executions have recently been halted because of challenges to the lethal injection process or, as in New Jersey, because of broader questions about the administration of the death penalty, but executions continue in Texas.

Yet, it is in Texas where there have been reports that Texas may have executed three innocent people: Ruben Cantu, Cameron Todd Willingham and Carlos De Luna.

Save the date of March 13, which is the date for the Death Penalty Issues Lobby Day and “Day of Innocence” at the capitol.

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