Write Gov Perry to Protest the Execution of Cathy Henderson on June 13, 2007

From Save Cathy Henderson Website

April 2nd

News directly from George Cumming, one of Cathy’s lawyers:

Judge Wisser [has advised] us that he will vacate the April 18 execution date, and reschedule the date to June 13, 2007. Maybe we are turning the corner in this case, at long last. We still have a long way to go, but at least now have some time to get there.

And here’s the email from Judge Wisser:

Dear Counsel:

I have reread the motions and memos submitted to the court. I seriously considered both parties positions over the weekend. I decided, although not convinced of the legal correctness of the defendant’s position; it is in the interest of justice and the criminal justice system of this state, that the execution date of April 18th be reset for June 13th, 2007. This should permit the defense adequate time to perfect any subsequent writ.

Therefore I will instruct my clerk to recall the current death warrant and to issue a new one with the June 13th date.


Jon Wisser

Judge Presiding

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