Last night several of us were at the governor’s mansion protesting the execution of James Clark, who was the 152nd person executed by Governor Perry. Around 6:00 PM, seventeen minutes before Clark died, Perry was seen leaving the mansion in the passenger seat of a black SUV. He was wearing what looked like jogging clothes. We held our signs high as he drove out and one of us made eye contact with him. He knows we were there. On April 26, you can let him know you want him to stop executions by coming to the mansion to protest the next execution.

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Click the Action Alert above to Write Texas Gov Perry to Protest the execution of Ryan Dickson on April 26, 2007.

Texas Gov Perry is about to break the record of executions while in office that was set by former Governor Bush. 152 people were executed by Bush while he was governor. On April 26, Perry could reach number 153. The person’s name who could become number 153 is Ryan Dickson.

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One Response to Perry set to Break Bush’s Execution Record: Take Action to Protest Execution of Ryan Dickson

  1. Rileywkr says:

    I see no problem whatsoever in giving Ryan Dickson the punishment he received. He not only killed two people that we know about but had a history of deeds that shouldn’t be allowed in a civilized society. Ask yourself, if he had served a life sentence in prison and brutally killed a prison guard, what punishment would he have been given? A second life imprisonment? No, I am sorry, an ultimate price has to be paid for such uncivilized action. I am fully aware there are those out there that equate capital punishment but I plead with you to read Webster’s Dictionary.

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