Last week, we sent out an email asking TMN members to contribute to TSADP’s pizza for the homeless project. We received about $150 in donations. Here is a report from the Texas Students Against the Death Penalty Blog:

Last Wednesday night, Tennessee executed Philip Workman despite his claims of innocence. For his last meal on earth, Philip Workman requested that his final meal be a vegetarian pizza donated to any homeless person located near Tennessee’s Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. The Tennessee Department of Corrections refused saying they were too focused on the execution procedures. But lots of normal people stepped in and hundreds of pizzas were delivered last week to Nashville’s homeless community in Philip Workman’s.

Not only Tennesseans responded to Philip Workman’s request. Texans also took action. Texas Students Against the Death Penalty in collaboration with House the Homeless collected donations from Austinites to purchase pizza. The Pizzas were delivered last Wednesday,May 16, at ARCH (Austin Resource Center for the Homeless). An act of generosity deserves notice and praise, regardless of who it was performed by and the mistakes they made in the past. Philip Workman used his last request to do something nice for homeless people. I thank him for that.

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