Watch this 3-minute preview clip from “Freedom to Live: The Death Penalty” part of Season Two of The Freedom Files.

The clip features, among others, Jeanette Popp, whose daughter was murdered in Austin. Jeanette met with her daughter’s killer when he was in Travis County’s jail and begged him to accept a life in prison sentence because her daughter opposed the death penalty, as does Jeanette.

In “Freedom to Live: The Death Penalty,” the compelling stories of people personally affected by the U.S.’s death penalty system offer a unique window into the system’s unfairness and inhumanity. Their firsthand accounts show how the system executes people for crimes they did not commit, and sends mentally ill people who can’t even recall their crimes to their deaths. They also reveal a system that burdens the poor with abysmal legal counsel, deprives prisoners forever of an opportunity for redemption and reformation, and does nothing to help survivors in their healing process.

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