Kenneth Foster with daughter Nydesha.

Kenneth Foster, an innocent man, is set for execution on August 30 unless we stop it! He is here with his daughter, Nydesha. Kenneth is a leader of D.R.I.V.E. Movement on death row, a poet, writer, father, son, husband and activist. Come find out how you can help stop the execution! (WWW.FREEKENNETH.COM)
The 8th Annual Texas March to Stop Executions Committee invites you to come to our first community forum designed to build up for the Oct. 27 march in Houston this fall.
WHO: YOU are urged to come!
What: Community Legislative Briefing on Capital Punishment & Emergency Appeal for Kenneth Foster
When: 10:00 AM – 12 Noon, Saturday August 11
Where: SHAPE Harambee Building, 3903 Almeda Road one block south of Alabama Street
Speakers: State Representative Harold Dutton, Attorney Jolanda Jones, Houston Sun Publisher Doris Ellis
Refreshments will be served.
For further information, contact Ester King at 713-521-0384 or Gloria Rubac 713-503-2633
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2 Responses to Community Anti-Death Penalty Forum in Houston Today, Aug 11 with Guest Speaker Rep. Harold Dutton

  1. Howling Latina says:

    God speed!

    You’ve got your hands full in Texas. I’m fighting the lonely battle in Virginia.

    This case is a textbook example why Virginia should not expand the death penalty and do away with the triggerman rule as they did during the General Assembly and but for the veto by Gov. Tim Kaine, a death penalty opponent, would’ve been law.

    I blog at Howling Latina but at VADP as well.

  2. danieljf says:

    The death penalty is not right, for the following reasons.
    Most countries do not have the death penalty and the Vatican and the Pope are against the death penalty. Life would be fair , if all people could live in harmony . However, we do not have any methods to find out whether a baby will become a murderer in the future . Every child can turn into a good person or an evil one . We knew the risk. It is also not possible to justify the death penalty if one wants to restore the equality between victim and offender. Because one should avoid killing(self defense is okay)The issue is that a human being has been killed who otherwise could have lived and that was neither fair nor right. By the same token it would not be fair and right to kill another person .Because killing means causing a person to die who otherwise could lived. Causing the death of a murderer who has killed several persons , means one too kills a human being . Other peoples could always copy the criminal act of an offender, whether he was executed or received a life sentence. Because if someone has been executed, someone else could copy the offence of the executed person to put fear into others-to spread fear and terror. If someone wanted to commit suicide then he would have to kill another person in the hope that he himself would be executed. The death penalty does not prevent crimes. A murderer hardly has any freedom in prison . A murderer’s life in prison is not better than that of other people outside . Do you really think a murderer is healthy? We do not know everything about our life and our soul. If a murderer has killed several people then he should not be given the death penalty, because it was wrong that people have died who otherwise could have lived. It was already wrong that the murderer committed the crime of killing; therefore it would be wrong to kill a murderer who caused the death of several people. It was wrong that he killed one human being , then the second and so forth. Killing even one human being is wrong(self defense is okay). If someone has done something which is wrong, one should not copy it(to kill a person who otherwise could have lived). Mistakes? Your own mistakes? How would you feel if nobody wants to listen ? You know you changed and you said sorry many years ? I can’t get what i want and that’s why you can’t get what you want is selfish and democracy means to respect every human being (also murderer).

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