As many of you know, a group of Texas organizations working against the death penalty recently put together a team to apply for a retreat sponsored by Equal Justice USA in order to strategize about a way forward to stop executions in Texas. Today, we received some good news from EJUSA. An excerpt from their email follows:

Dear friends in Texas,

After looking through the application from Texas and seeing your unique situation, EJUSA wants to give you all some special attention and offer your team a different opportunity than this year’s Training and Strategy retreat. We’d like to tailor a special strategy, skill-building, and planning meeting/retreat specifically for the movement in Texas. This will allow more people than just the five of you to be involved and will also give us the opportunity to adapt an agenda specifically for your needs.

We hope that this will be ‘more bang for your buck’ so to speak and will really allow us all to make progress in building both capacity and support in Texas.

I’m really looking forward to working with you all and learning more about the movement and possibilities in Texas!

on behalf of the entire EJUSA staff,
Sarah Craft

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