Hooman Hedayati found this sermon given at Governor Rick Perry’s church on July 15 just about a month ago in which Pastor Hellen Almanza talks about the death penalty. Was Rick Perry present that day in church!? If he was, then he might want to apply this sermon’s lessons to the case of Kenneth Foster.


Our justice system
How many people were there who were awaiting execution in Illinois when the group of law students investigated their cases and found enough evidence that they were exonerated and given pardons? Last I heard it was 26. They were going to be executed. They were poor people who could not afford a lawyer. And they were innocent.

We just need to face it. Certainly we have many guilty people in our prisons, but we obviously have innocent ones too if the Illinois situation is any indication. Our system requires good lawyers who have to be paid to earn a living. That is only fair. But what do you do is you don’t have the money?

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