The Honorable Judge Susan Criss of the 212th Judicial District Court has written on the Burnt Orange Report that she is joining in filing a complaint against Judge Sharon Keller.

When sitting judges begin joining judicial complaints against another judge, you know that there has been a serious breach in judicial ethics. Sharon Keller did not act in an honorable manner by closing the court at 5pm on the day of an execution, but she can do the honorable thing now and resign.

We can all be proud to see a sitting judge, such as the Honorable Judge Susan Criss of the 212 Judicial District Court, join in the criticism of Sharon Keller’s shocking action. It feels so good to use the phrase “The Honorable” again when referring to a judge. Sharon Keller is no longer fit to be called “The Honorable”

Quoting from Judge Criss

Many of us in the legal community were also stunned to see twenty lawyers publicly announce they were filing a complaint with the Texas Judicial Conduct Commission against Judge Kellar for her actions that day.

While we were stunned we were also proud to see lawyers standing up for the Constitution and for access to justice. Lawyers and elected officials take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Too often that oath is interpreted to mean that we should just not violate the Constitution ourselves. That oath means so much more than that. Twenty lawyers reminded Texas and the rest of the nation and the world just what is required by those of us who swear to protect and defend the Constitution.

That is why other groups and individuals are joining in that complaint this week. I am joining in it. The Code of Judicial Conduct requires judges to report activity by other judges that violates the Code. Behavior that diminishes public confidence in the justice system violates the Code.

During the Watergate hearings Barbara Jordan said. “My faith in the Constitution is complete. I will not stand by and be an idle spectator in the diminution, the subversion, the destruction of the Constitution.”

Members of the public who also wish to join in a complaint against Sharon Keller can sign on to a judicial complaint against Keller here. More than 400 people have already signed on.

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