Today, State Rep Lon Burnam of Fort Worth sent a judicial complaint against Judge Sharon Keller to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. He is the second state legislator to file or sign on to a judicial complaint against Keller. Rep Harold Dutton was one of the 20 lawyers who signed the first complaint last week.

In other developments, the Waco Herald-Tribune wrote in an editorial today that “if Keller cannot be removed from her position, she should be disciplined for her outrageous behavior”.

More than 600 people have signed on to our judicial complaint from general public members that we will file on Oct 30. You can sign too!

October 15, 2007

State Commission on Judicial Conduct
PO Box 12265
Austin, TX 78711

Dear Members of the Commission:

I am writing to file a complaint with the Commission concerning the actions of Judge Sharon Keller, Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, on the evening of September 25. According to several news accounts, Judge Keller refused to keep her office open later than 5pm to receive the pleading of Michael Richard who was killed by lethal injection later that night. It is my opinion that her actions were unprofessional and unethical and constitute judicial misconduct. I urge you to take prompt and appropriate disciplinary action against Judge Keller,
which should include serious consideration of removal from office.

Judge Keller’s actions resulted in the loss of constitutional rights of Mr. Richard. Further, her actions have embarrassed the state of Texas and cast severe doubt on the impartiality of the Court of Criminal Appeals. The public’s perception of the fairness of the courts is vital to the maintenance of the rule of law. If disciplinary action is not taken against Judge Keller, this perception will be irreparably harmed.

It is simply unconscionable and unacceptable for any officer of the court to close the doors of the court when a pleading for a man’s life is known to be on the way. I urge you to take swift and decisive action to repair the damage done by Judge Keller to the integrity of Texas courts.


Lon Burnam

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