Texas Moratorium Network & ACLU-TX Central TX Chapter
invite all interested members of the community to a


Monday, February 4th, 6pm at
Gene’s Po Boys
1209 E. 11th St. (at the Rosewood “Y”)
(parking behind building)

There are four candidates* running – all in the Democratic primary (no Republicans are running, so the winner of the Democratic primary on March 4 will be the next DA) – to replace Ronnie Earle, generally a well-received prosecutor, even a hero to some, especially for the Public Integrity Unit’s indictment of Tom Delay.

But there are some areas in which Earle and his office were lacking, including continuing to seek the death penalty instead of exclusively using life without parole as an alternative and believing police officers are categorically above the law by commonly withholding evidence from grand juries that would likely lead to their prosecution such as with APD’s Julie Schroeder (shooting death, Daniel Rocha) and Michael Olsen, who, despite videotaped evidence of wrongdoing in 2003 (excessive force, Jeffrey Thornton), was cleared and put back on the force just to again be cleared again after the shooting death of Kevin Brown last summer. (Both Schroeder and Olsen were fired nonetheless).

Come find out what the candidates believe the DA’s priorities should be in matters regarding criminal justice and public safety. This 90-minute forum will attempt to get the candidates on record on a range of important issues, including the death penalty, police misconduct, political corruption, juvenile justice, drug laws and other issues. During one segment of the forum, attendees will be given the opportunity to pose their own questions to the candidates. People may also send suggestions for questions to the contacts below.


For event info contact: Scott Cobb scottcobb99@gmail.com 512-689-1544 or
Debbie Russell debmocracy@yahoo.com, 512-573-6194.

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