Send a message to Texas Governor Rick Perry and members of the Texas Legislature protesting the resumption of executions in Texas on June 3.

Derrick Sonnier, is scheduled to be executed in Huntsville on June 3rd.

This will be the first execution in Texas since Sept 25th when Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller said, “we close at 5” and refused to accept an appeal 20 minutes late for a man later executed that night. Around 1900 people signed on to a complaint that we submitted asking the State Commission on Judicial Conduct to remove Keller for her unethical action.

Protest at the Texas Capitol

Tuesday, June 3rd at 5:30PM at the Capitol
On the steps at Congress and 11th

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One Response to Protest Resumption of Executions in Texas on June 3

  1. Anon says:

    That Keller thing y’all keep talking about is bullshirt and you know it.

    It is a common weasel tactic for the defense to file another meaningless appeal at 4:59pm on the day of execution.

    They know the appeal is bogus but they intentially file it at this time to prevent the court considering it and ruling it bogus. Instead the court is forced to grant a stay of execution to allow time to respond to the bogus filing.

    This one time the defense missed the boat. Boo frickin hoo.

    The guilty guy got the needle sooner rather than later. Good riddance and way to go Judge Keller!

    Here is a hint for death penalty activists: Don’t waste your credibility on the guilty ones.

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