Hamburg, 13 January 2009: intent – negligence – lack of time – poverty. Are these the reasons that should cost a man his life, a life which he has been deprived of for already more than twelve years?

Since 5 January 1996, Anthony (Tony) Medina (pictured with his grandparents) has been kept imprisoned in Texas on account of an alleged double murder. He’s been on Death Row since 13 September 1996, expecting his execution.

Anthony Medina’s innocence has been proven by testimonies and evidence in cold print. He’s guilty indeed – guilty of not being able to pay a lawyer who would really try to defend him in court.

Doubtless, Anthony Medina is neither a saint nor a dark horse. However, he’s also a human being like anybody else, endowed with the right to be treated fairly and according to the law. ”In dubio pro reo” – this principle does not seem to count for US courts and solicitors, especially when the defendant is poor.

But you can help to do Tony justice. You can raise your voice in order to force courts to re-examine his case. The first step into this direction was taken on 21 November 2001. Due to the support of his appeal lawyer Morris Moon, who defends him without pay, the 238-page Habeas Corpus appeal could be submitted to the State Court, which has not decided neither to reopen the hearings nor to decline the appeal yet. Should the appeal be allowed, a trial would be called in on short notice. In this case, more expertises and research would become necessary. Such legal opinion, however, is excessively expensive in the US. – but expertises from abroad, as another possibility, are not accepted by US courts of justice.

In January 2008, Ilona Leverenz, organizing support for Tony Medina in Germany, achieved another success: a group of criminality students at the University of Ontario, Canada, agreed to go into the details of the case again. By now, the results obtained so far prove grave procedural errors in connection with Tony’s conviction. That is why his case has found even more supporters, e.g. the Houston, Texas-based organization TCADP, as well as ALIVE, the “Coalition against Death Penalty”, which has opened a donations account for Tony Medina.

There are fingerprints on the murder weapon and these can be presumed to be those of the murder. But these prints are not Tony Medina’s. In fact, another person was initially arrested by the police for the murders.

Only after the person agreed to testify against Tony, were the charges dropped and Tony was charged instead. This witness and both of the other state witnesses, Valdez and Moore, contradicted themselves and each other continually in all of their 11 statements. The only common point was that Tony was the murderer.

Crown witnesses, who were present at the crime scene, can testify that two black people carried out the shooting. Tony Medina is white. These witnesses were never heard during the trial.

Tony Medina was not at the scene during the crime. Rather, he was miles away at a party. Many witnesses can testify to this, but they have not been called to testify. Other important witnesses were not called before the court as the district attorney held back crucial evidence. As a result, Tony’s defense attorney was not in a position of being able to subpoena these witnesses. Finally, the judge who presided over the proceedings was, at this time, not yet sworn in.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. If you are interested?

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Ilona Leverenz


Ilona Leverenz – Germany

Fax: ++ 49 (0) 41 04 – 91 97 98



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3 Responses to Anthony Medina – A Human Being, or merely an Object?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony Medina is a killer whether he killed Diana and David or not. The fact remains he is a known killer. And you want to put this killer back on the streets to go back to the gang life and continue killing innocent people? How do you sleep at night? Well I can tell you, tonight on New Years Eve, I wont be getting much sleep as I remember my dear friend Diana who left this world in the most tragic way. And I'll remember David in his little casket with his face molded back together and his eyes penciled in. Everyone in that car deserves to be on death row and that INCLUDES Tony Medina! Would you be so intent on defending these monsters if it was your kid whose face was blown off for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time? My sister used to work on death row and she knows all too well who Tony Medina is. Rest assured he is exactly where he belongs and dumb asses like yourself continue to fall for the innocent act while the prisoners brag about the dumb sheep on the outside helping them. That's the REAL truth.

  2. Sammy says:

    "Tony Medina is a killer whether he killed Diana and David or not." The only dump ass – are you Anonymous ;). You were in the car ?? You saw him shooting the 2 kids ? Oh sorry you are jesus and know everything. Talk to the man who left his finger prints on the gun. Sorry this was not Tony Medina. If somebody is a killer then he deserves to be treated like in death row. But only someone who REALLY killed somebody. It is NOT proven that he killed somebody.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh! I'm a DUMP ass? HAHAHA. Well at least my DUMP ass is literate and knows how to spell. I wasnt in the car but neither were you…or were you?? So what if someone else's prints were on the weapon, you really think that in all those days after that no one touched it? Or that Tony was stupid enough to leave prints behind? You're talking about a gang leader who knows the ropes. He's just mad that despite it all, he still got caught. He complains that lawyers have tried to help him then leave him burned. Gee I wonder why. Could it be because after all their research that they determine he really is guilty after all and dont wanna waste their time? All I wanna know is when to throw his execution party! He's been left to live for too long now, he needs to die. Preferably with the same SKS assault rifle with exploding bullets to the chest, neck, and face like those kids had to endure!!

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