DallasJustice.com has a post on the news that Sharon Keller turned out to be a lot wealthier than she was reporting in official documents to the Texas Ethics Commission. Everyone should probably call their own daddy and ask if you are also wealthier than you thought.

From DallasJustice.com:

According to the financial statement, and the reporting of the Dallas Morning News, these newly revealed assets include:

1. two fast-food restaurants
2. a bank
3. a home on Garland Road
4. another home on Garland Road
5. a commercial tract in Euless, Texas (1.5 acres)
6. 22 Certificates of Deposit (CDs) in four different banks
7. $110,000 investment income.

Must’ve Been A Nice Surprise

Boy howdy. Wouldn’t that be great — to discover that you own a bank, a couple of restaurants, two houses on Garland Road, some land, some CDs, and you’re gonna get over $100K each year in investment income?!! Wow.


Dallas Morning News

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