From the New York Times:

Mike Scott and Robert Springsteen, awaiting retrial in the 1991 slayings of four teenage girls at an Austin yogurt shop, were released from jail, while prosecutors search for a match to new DNA evidence that did not come from either of them. The original convictions of the men, Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen, were overturned. New DNA tests on evidence taken from the victims revealed the presence of an unknown male. Defense lawyers said that proved the innocence of Mr. Scott, 35, and Mr. Springsteen, 34. Prosecutors insisted that the DNA did not exonerate them and said that both still face capital murder charges. The order by Judge Scott Lynch of State District Court for the men’s release came in a hearing on Mr. Scott’s retrial. Prosecutors asked that the trial be delayed until 2010 while they try to determine the source of the DNA. Conditions of their release include avoiding contact with witnesses or the victims’ families.

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