Representatives of Peoples’ Judicial Complaint Signed by About 1,900 Members of the Public to Participate in Demonstration at Trial of Sharon Keller

A group of people who signed a judicial complaint against Judge Sharon Keller will hold a demonstration at 8 AM in San Antonio at the Bexar County Courthouse before Keller’s trial begins on August 17. The trial is expected to begin at 9:30 AM. The demonstration will be held near the entrance of the building in which the trial will take place in the courtroom of David Berchelmann jr, presiding judge of the 37th District Court, at 100 Dolorosa in San Antonio. The group will represent the approximately 1,900 people who signed a judicial complaint against Keller submitted by Texas Moratorium Network to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct in November 2007.

Why: “Keller has damaged the integrity of the Texas judiciary and violated the public trust placed in her by the people of Texas. She has violated several provisions of the Code of Judicial Conduct and denied Michael Richard his constitutional right not to be deprived of life without due process and denied his right to be heard in court. Because of her arbitrary decision not to stay open to accept the appeal of death row prisoner Michael Richard, which she made in violation of her own court’s rules and without consulting the other judges on the Court, Keller should be removed from office”, said Scott Cobb, president of Texas Moratorium Network.

From the judicial complaint filed by TMN: “It is clear from her actions that Judge Keller can no longer be expected to preside over death penalty cases with the requisite fair, bias-free and even-handed disposition so critical to such serious life and death matters. Justice was not done in the Richard case, and if it was not done because Keller dishonestly said “We close at 5″, then there is no question that Keller is unfit to be a judge and should be removed from office”.

Date: Monday, August 17, at 8 AM

Place: Outside Bexar County Courthouse
100 Doloroso
San Antonio, Texas

The demonstration is sponsored by Texas Moratorium Network, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, Texas Students Against the Death Penalty and Campaign to End the Death Penalty – Austin.

A PDF of the judicial complaint filed in November 2006 is here:

A video of a copy of the judicial complaint being delivered for Sharon Keller to the clerk of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in November 2007 is on YouTube at The video contains a statement by the sister of Michael Richard outside the CCA.

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