Yosvanis “El Cubano” Valle, 34, was executed Tuesday, November 10, 2009 in Huntsville, Texas. He was the 21st person executed in Texas in 2009, the 205th executed since Rick Perry became governor and the 444th executed in Texas since 1982.

There are three more executions scheduled in Texas next week and one in December.

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One Response to Texas Today Executed 21st Person in 2009, 205th Under Governor Rick Perry and 444th Since 1982

  1. yvette says:

    Texas continues to execute when people have serious claims of innocence. Why the rush to kill these men surely if there's any doubt it should be looked into? Texas just doesn't care if they execute the innocent once convicted these people stand no chance of proving innocence becauce Texas will never admit its wrong they don't want to get rid of this barbaric law and if its shown they do execute the innocent well that would be good reason to get rid of the DP. Justice in Texas is built on lies and corruption the poor and minorites die to further the immoral. Even when these people are guilty they are tortured until the state kills them they pay the ultimate price so why do prison staff feel they have the right to torture and abuse them. What sort of society celebrates kiling and revels in torture not a civilized one that's for sure.

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