Paul Burka of Texas Monthly has this to say about the continuing “psychodrama” (his word) of the Sharon Keller case:

I am fascinated by this case. Even after the Supreme Court rules against her, Keller cannot accept that she did something terribly wrong when she shut down the Court of Criminal Appeals rather than keep it open to receive a last-minute appeal in a death penalty case. She could have accepted the Commission’s public warning, apologized for her mistake in judgment, and salvaged her career. Well, there is still that not-so-little matter of a $100,000 fine by the Texas Ethics Commission for failing to properly report her assets.

This has become a psychodrama. What sort of person cannot accept the considered decisions of two bodies that she acted wrongly? Among her other foibles, she shows no respect for the law that she is sworn to uphold. She has become an embarrassment to her Court and to herself. Her desperate attempts to find exoneration remind me of an old English ditty about Queen Anne:

Most gracious queen, we thee implore,
To go away and sin no more,
But if this effort be to great,
To go away at any rate.

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