Final Opinion in Sharon Keller “We close at 5” Case Issued by Special Review Panel October 11, 2010

Final Judgment in Sharon Keller Case Issued by Special Review Panel

October 11, 2010 statement by Scott Cobb, president of Texas Moratorium Network, which filed one of the judicial complaints against Sharon Keller in 2007:
“It is not surprising that an all-Republican review panel would let Sharon Keller off on a technicality instead of holding her responsible for her judicial misconduct. Sharon Keller may have got off on a technicality, but a majority of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct found that she did not accord a person about to be executed with access to open courts or the right to be heard according to law. Sharon Keller’s actions were not in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of her profession as a judge. It is now up to the Texas Legislature to restore the harm done by Sharon Keller to the integrity of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals by impeaching Keller for judicial misconduct. The voters of Texas will likely throw her out of office if she decides to run for re-election in 2012, but it would be better for the quality of justice in Texas if the Legislature impeaches and removes her from office”.

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