Click here to watch video of Anthony Graves accepting $3,000 in donations from TMN’s president Scott Cobb and then speaking with reporters and supporters on the TMN Facebook Page.

Texas Moratorium Network and friends delivered $3,000 in donations to Anthony Graves that were collected from TMN’s supporters and friends from across Texas, other U.S. states and other countries. Scott Cobb, president of TMN, and friends from Campaign to End the Death Penalty and Witness to Innocence delivered the donations to Anthony on Saturday, November 20.

According to KVUE:

Anthony Graves was grateful for his freedom and a $3,000 donation from anti-death penalty group the Texas Moratorium Network. The donation is to help him start a new life. The donations were collected from generous people throughout Texas, other U.S. states and other countries who had heard of Anthony’s story and wanted to help him after he was exonerated off Texas death row after 18 years of incarceration for a crime he did not commit.

“This is about humanity coming forward so I am very grateful for that,” Graves said. “It’s a bigger picture than the check that has been written, so I am very grateful for the show of humanity.”

The donation is a token, compared what Graves could receive from the State.
He was wrongfully convicted of the 1992 murders of a family of six in the Central Texas town of Sommerville.

Graves’ conviction was based solely on testimony from the real killer, Robert Earl Carter, who recanted before he was executed in 2000. Journalism students from The University of St. Thomas in Houston later conducted research that would lead to Graves’ freedom. The State could now give Graves 1.5M dollars for his ordeal.

“I was basically kidnapped by the criminal justice system and put on Texas Death Row,” Graves says.

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