Here is the draft of the report on the Todd Willingham case that will be discussed at the meeting of the Texas Forensic Science Commission this Thursday and Friday. The AP says “the Texas Forensic Science Commission said Thursday it will not issue a finding on the arson determination until the state attorney general rules whether it has jurisdiction to do so.“.
Draft of Report by Texas Forensic Science Commission on Todd Willingham Case

The Texas Forensic Science Commission will meet, Thursday and Friday, April 14 and 15 in Austin. The last item on the agenda is to “Consider Willingham/Willis (#09-01) report draft and adopt final report“. The hearing starts at 1 PM on Thursday and at 9:30 AM on Friday. It is likely that they will not get to the major discussion on the Willingham case until Friday, since it is last on the agenda.

There is a public comment period on the agenda for this meeting right before the discussion on the Todd Willingham report. 

The chair of the Commission, John Bradley, has lost support in the Texas Senate because of the way he has performed his duties as chair, so this will likely be his last meeting.
The hearing is in the Central Services Building, 1711 San Jacinto Boulevard Room 402 in Austin. 
Before his execution, Todd Willingham said, “Please don’t ever stop fighting to vindicate me.”
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