After the article below appeared in today’s Austin Chronicle, MySpace (perhaps at the request of Sharon Keller or her campaign), deleted the parody profile of Sharon Keller and, get this, replaced it with a fake “Sharon” profile at the same address . That is hilariously ironic – to delete a fake parody profile and replace it with another fake profile. Of course, Sharon has done worse, she once denied a new trial for an innocent man after DNA testing had exonerated him. She wanted to keep him in prison arguing that the victim was a slut so it was hard to say who she had sex with. In Keller’s own words, “the state would have explained that the girl was promiscuous, and might have shown that she’d had sex with different people.”

Sharon Keller must be pretty desperate to keep people from learning about her record, which has made the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals a “national laughingstock”, as her colleague on the court Tom Price has said.

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