ATTENTION: Starvation Strike

Beginning… Oct. 8, 2006
Ending …Jan.01, 2007

We believe the time has come to stop the mistreatment of prisoners andthe illegal application of the death penalty. The seeds of rebellion have been watered by a dictatorship type administration. This is a cause that will need the utmost commitment from everyone involved. We must form bonds that cannot be broken. Because every tactic will be utilized by the administration to discourage us. That is why we have chosen a HUNGER STRIKE as our method of protest against the system and the death
penalty. Our hearts are set on refusing to accept another morsel from an oppressive system that has no respect nor consideration for those they hold in captivity.

There are 5 of us that stand so strong in our beliefs that we are willing to sacrifice our health and well being to show others the seriousness of our predicament.

Our goals are to open the eyes of our fellow captives and society. We extend the hand of friendship to those who wish to become a part of our fight.. Anyone who wants to battle oppression and mistreatment can extend any kind of help, support, advice, grievances, protest or petition. To find out more go to

Or contact the captives below at :
Travis runnels # 999505
Steven Woods # 999427
Richard Cobb # 999467
Kevin Watts # 999456
Justin Hall # 999497

Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, Tx. 77351

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