The Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2006 Critics Picks include:

Best Death Row Documentary: Ryan Polomski and Frank Bustoz’s ‘State vs. Reed’

Looking for a new project, these two filmmakers couldn’t have imagined the attention their award-winning documentary would garner, nor the focus it placed on its star, Rodney Reed. State vs. Reed lays out the the shaky circumstances surrounding Reed’s death-row conviction nine years ago, creating momentum for a new trial. The film will air locally next month, Tues., Nov. 7 and Sun., Nov. 12 on KLRU.
A Hand Made Production, 2505 E. Kent St., 417-2685; Digital Light and Sound, 4700 Staggerbush Rd #428, 535-7470; Oso Negro Productions, 907 E. 49th St., 743-9790; KLRU, 2504-B Whitis, 471-4811;;

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State Vs. Rodney Reed trailer

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