Congratulations to Carol Tures and El Pasoans Against the Death Penalty. Carol told me that Juan Melendez was there to testify and that they also read a letter from Sam Milsap. This should greatly increase our chances of similar successes in San Antonio, Austin and other places.

Commissioners pass death penalty resolution (1:06 p.m.)
David Crowder / El Paso Times
Article Launched:10/30/2006 01:08:13 PM MST

El Paso County Commissioners Court today approved a resolution calling for a moratorium on the death penalty in Texas.

The resolution passed four to one with Miguel Teran, Larry Medina, Betti Flores and Dolores Briones voting in favor of the resolution. Dan Haggerty opposed it.

A similar resoultion was presented years ago and was passed by Commissioners Court before District Attorney Jaime Esparza at that same meeting went back to the Commissioners Court and convinced them to rescind the resolution.

Travis County has adopted a similar resolution.

In other action, it appears that the proposal to alter the method of appointments to Thomason Hospital’s board will be deleted from agenda and no action taken.

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