Here is a link to an audio report from Houston Indy Media on the march.
It contains comments from Eugenia Willingham and Mary Arredondo.

They also have some pictures up.

Execution of the innocent is the focus of 7th Annual Texas March to End the Death Penalty

by Renee Feltz Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2006 at 2:16 PM
Hundreds of Texans took to the streets of the state capital this weekend to call attention to three death row prisoners who were executed, and later found to be innocent. Renee Feltz reports:

audio: MP3 at 3.6 MB

Mothers like Sandra Reed delivered powerful speeches in support of their children. Reed, the mother of Rodney Reed, spoke about her son and his case, the injustices of the system, and her determination to get him out of death row.

Rally at gates of Governor’s Mansion

After DPS troopers refused to take her letter for Rick Perry, Mary Arredondo, sister of Carlos De Luna, dropped it through the gate of the governor’s mansion.

Above photos from the 7th Annual March to Stop Executions
by Gislaine

Eugenia Willingham, mother of Todd Willingham and Joshua Easley, nephew of Todd Willingham

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