Scheduled Executions in Texas

To express your opposition to any execution, you can contact Governor Rick Perry’s office at 512 463 2000. If you call after business hours, you can leave a voice mail message. During business hours, someone should answer the phone. You can also send a message using a form on Perry’s official website.

Jesse Hernandez, March 28, 2012
TDCJ Info on Jesse Hernandez

Beunka Adams, April 26, 2012
TDCJ Info on Beunka Adams

Anthony Bartee, May 2, 2012
TDCJ Info on Anthony Bartee

Steven Staley, May 16, 2012
TDCJ Info on Steven Staley

Bobby Hines, June 6, 2012
TDCJ Info on Bobby Hines

Marcus Druery, August 1, 2012
TDCJ Info on Marcus Druery

Ramon Hernandez, November 14, 2012
TDCJ Info on Ramon Hernandez

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