Today’s immoral execution of Marvin Wilson took place because of the unscientific rules adopted by the all-Republican Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which is led by Sharon Keller. Those rules are used to determine who is ineligible for execution because of mental retardation or other intellectual disability. Marvin Wilson had an IQ of 61, but he was found to be eligible for execution according to the CCA rules.

If you want to help prevent people with mental retardation from being executed, donate to Keith Hampton’s campaign or volunteer for him, so that Texas can have one person on the CCA who appreciates science. Send a message that you are angry that Texas executed a person with mental retardation by donating to Keith Hampton’s campaign.

If elected, Keith Hampton will be the only judge who has handled death penalty cases in all stages of litigation – from accusation, trial, appeal, and all post-conviction proceedings, including appearing before the Supreme Court of the United States.

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