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Today is the 5th anniversary of the execution of Michael Richard, the death-sentenced inmate seeking an appeal who Judge Sharon Keller famously told, “We close at 5p.m.”Michael Richard’s case is not a unique case of Sharon Keller exercising bad judgment. Judge Keller has a career of abusing constitutional rights.


Here are the facts:

  • Sept. 25, 2007 – The Supreme Court of the United States takes up a case regarding the procedure of administering lethal injection.
  • That Morning – States across the U.S. halt lethal injections pending the decision of the Supreme Court.
  • That Afternoon – Lawyers representing Michael Richard prepare an appeal based on the Supreme Court’s action, but are delayed in filing it. They ask if the Clerk’s office could remain open for just a few more minutes past 5 p.m.
  • 4:45PM – Judge Keller denies the request. She says, “We close at 5.”
  • 8:28PM – Michael Richard is pronounced dead, having been executed by lethal injection.
  • Years later – Sharon Keller is reprimanded by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, yet still serves as presiding judge.
We cannot afford for our justice system to be held hostage by Sharon Keller any longer.
This year, you decide who wears the robes on the highest court for criminal cases in Texas. It is time to restore justice, join me.
Keith Hampton
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