Here are some comments about the death penalty art show from someone who was there on opening night. The show runs through Feb 18 at Houston’s Gallery M2 (325 West 19th Street). There is a gallery talk on Friday, Feb 16 at 7 PM


“I just left the art gallery in the Houston Heights and could barely speak after viewing the death row exhibit called “Justice for All?” It takes a lot to take my breath away, but this sure did. Seeing the large painting of David Castillo, who I remember well, was unnerving. And in the middle of the gallery is a death row cell. Oh my gosh–many people have closets bigger than this cell that they are confined in 23-24 hours a day. Much, much thanks to the Texas Moratorium Network who put this together! I hope they will be able to take it to many other cities.

Please, please do not miss this exhibit. It tore my heart out but it is really something everyone should see.”

Gloria Rubac

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