1508038_10153572220479473_2617047975453744469_nSuccess! We have reached and surpassed our initial fundraising goal of $5,000. Generous people around the world have so far donated $6,775 to the effort to help death row exoneree Alfred Dewayne Brown, who spent more than ten years on Texas death row before his release in June 2015.

Although the 30 days we set for the campaign have passed, people can still donate on the Generosity page at:

We expect as people continue to find out about Dewayne’s story they may want to donate to help him, so we are leaving the page live to accept donations.

Every donation helps Dewayne rebuild his life and readjust to life as a free person.

Thank you to everyone who has donated or helped spread the word to others.

At the 16th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty on October 24, 2015 we presented Dewayne a giant check to represent all the donations received up to that point.

Matt Ramos of The Huffington Post wrote an article about our campaign, “Freed death row survivor gets crowdfunding help“:

Alfred Dewayne Brown spent 12 years imprisoned, including a decade in a solitary cell no bigger than the average bathroom, waiting for Texas to put him to death for the 2003 murder of store clerk Alfredia Jones and police officer Charles Clark. The case garnered worldwide attention when Lisa Falkenberg, a columnist for The Houston Chronicle, told the story of the corrupt justice system that put Brown away. The Indiegogo Life campaign for Brown set a 30-day goal of $5,000, and hit it with 57 hours to go.

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