Here is an example of a letter from a woman in Arlington Texas who is a supporter of the death penalty, but does not believe Kenneth Foster should be executed. She sent this email to every member of the Texas Legislature. You can also send an email. As of today at noon, 1,252 people have sent an email to each member of the Texas Legislature asking them to help persuade Governor Perry to stop the execution of Kenneth Foster, Jr.

I am extremely sorry for the suffering Michael LaHood’s family has been put through. The person responsible for his death, Mauriceo Brown has been put to death, which is appropriate. I am for the death penalty in some cases. Kenneth Foster did not pull the trigger, and he did not know that Brown was going to kill LaHood. He was just with the wrong people at the wrong time. Should there be consequences? YES!!! However, the death penalty is not an appropriate consequence for Foster’s crime of being with the wrong people. It is much too harsh for what he did, which was to wait in the car, not knowing what was going on. He is not responsible for Brown’s actions that caused LaHood’s murder. Please correct the wrong before it is too late. DO NOT KILL THIS INNOCENT PERSON!!!

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One Response to Kenneth Foster: 1,252 People Have Sent Emails to Each Texas Legislator Urging a Stop to the Execution

  1. Mimi Schaeffer says:

    I sent an email, but my stupid computer froze and I lost the text.

    The long and the short of it, I told them that Mr. Foster did not deserve to die and quoted the Harris County assistant district attorney (I don’t have his name any longer — too lazy to look up the article again — but did refer to him by name in the message).

    In the Chronicle story, he said he reserved the death penalty for the “worst of the worst,” someone prosecutors knew was going to kill again.

    And as a coda to my email, I included a couple of Biblical passages (again, too lazy to look up).

    The jest in a paraphrase was: To those who much is given, much is expected. And in that vein, I also referred them to the admonishment, I was thirsty and you gave me water…when you did it to the least of them, you did it to me.

    After all, nearly every Texas legislator wraps themselves in flag and Bible.

    Just a few quotes to pique their guilt.(

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