If you would like to help us stop the execution of Kenneth Foster, here is something you can do from home on Friday Aug 24. The execution is scheduled for Aug 30 and the Board of Pardons and Paroles is expected to announce their clemency decision by Aug 28.

Call your Texas state representative Friday Aug 24 (or just call any and all Texas state representatives) and urge them to sign on to the clemency letter that has been drafted by Rep Dutton. The letter asks Governor Perry and the Board of Pardons and Paroles to commute Foster’s sentence to life in prison. Tell members to contact Dutton’s Houston office, if they would like to co-sign the letter.

Here is a webpage where you can click on names of members of the Texas House and go to their webpages to find their phone numbers.

TMN’s Scott Cobb will be in the Capitol building Friday Aug 24 visiting legislative offices and asking members to co-sign the letter. Anyone can call Scott at 512-689-1544, if they have questions or if they find a state representative who would like to co-sign the letter. Also, call him if you talk to a member who does not have a copy of the letter and would like one taken to their office. All House members should have received a faxed copy of the letter, but some might not have received it.

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