Below is a report sent by Gloria Rubac of the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement and the 8th Annual March to Stop Executions Organizing Committee:

We had a wonderful, inspiring, moving and productive event in Houston with the Foster family today!

And it was the lead story on the NBC local news! I had just gotten out of the shower and turned on the news at 10:00 and I heard Tasha’s strong voice speaking about Kenneth.
Kenneth’s wife, father and grandfather spoke and I can’t say who was more compelling as they all spoke from the heart and added to the total picture of who Kenneth is and why he should not be executed. Their love for Kenneth and their passion for justice filled the room.
Two mothers also spoke and added so much to the picture of injustice that permeates Texas and the criminal injustice system.
Barbara Acuna spoke about her son, Robert, the last juvenile Harris Co sent to death row despite the fact they knew that the US Supreme Court was going to hear the juvenile issue weeks later. Through tears she told the Foster family that she shared her love and prayers with them. She also motivated everyone there that the people need to retake our power in this country.
Joyce Guidry, mother of Howard Guidry, who was recently re-tried in Harris Co and returned to death row, told the crowd at St. Saviour’s Church that Howard held Kenneth in such high esteem so she knew what a special person he was. Joyce said she knew that Howard was considered a political activist by the system, and that “this mama is going to stand by him no matter what!” She told the Foster family that “we are going to continue to fight for Kenneth and continue till we end the whole system of capital punishment.”
It was a successful afternoon for all who attended because everyone left filled with love for the
Foster family and determined to be more involved in the struggle to stop Kenneth’s execution.

Tasha ended the event by performing the beautiful words to the song she has done for Kenneth called “Walk with Me.” and click on Jav’lin and then click on the link under her picture.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Foster, Kenneth, Sr. and Tasha for spending a few hours with a crowd of Houstonians who will never forget meeting you all and hearing your words about a young man that you all not only love but are fighting for with every bit of energy you have.
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