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Protestors Demonstrate Outside Gov Perry’s Church

Governor Rick Perry


On Sunday several death penalty opponents protested outside Tarrytown United Presbyterian Church to send a message to Governor Rick Perry. The protestors want Perry, who is a member of the congregation but did not attend services Sunday, to pardon Kenneth Foster.

Foster was driving the getaway car during a series of robberies in San Antonio on August 14, 1996. One of his passengers, Mauriceo Brown, shot and killed 25-year-old Michael LaHood.

Brown was executed for the murder, but a jury also sentenced Foster to death under the law of parties. That law criminalizes presence and failure of foresight about the crime of another. The law states that Foster should have known LaHood would wind up dead.

The protestors say they are asking for Governor Perry so mercy and pardon Foster rather than executing him for a crime he did not commit. Foster is scheduled to be executed on Thursday.

A spokesman for Perry says he will not be swayed by any protest. Instead, he’ll base his decision on the laws of the state. The board of pardons and paroles could also weigh in on this case August 28th.

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