We submitted a Public Information Act request to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles requesting a tally of the number of people who contacted them regarding Kenneth Foster, Jr. The board heard from a total of 17,285 people opposed to the execution (favoring commutation) and 12 who favored the execution.

11,815 people acted by calling, faxing, emailing or writing letters or postcards. 5,470 signed their names on petitions that were sent to the BPP. About 50 percent of the 11,815 came from outside the U.S., 30 percent from other U.S. states and 14 percent from Texas, 6 percent were of unknown origin.

Of the 5,470 petition signatures, 59 percent were from outside the U.S., 14 percent from Texas, 18 percent other U.S. states, and 9 percent unknown origin.

Thank you to everyone who made your voice heard and helped save Kenneth Foster.

The number of individual communications received by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles regarding the case of Kenneth Foster Jr.

Faxes 2536
Postcards 17
Letters 3887
E-mails 5228
Telephone 158
Telegram 1

Total 11, 827

The number of communications that supported the execution.

Texas 6
United States 3
Foreign Countries 0
Unknown 3
Total 12

The number of non-petition communications that opposed the execution.
1665 From within Texas
3485 From other U.S. States
5914 Frem other countries
751 Unknown origin
11815 Total

The number of names signed on petitions opposing the execution:
759 Texas
1006 other U.S. states
3237 other countries
468 Unknown origin
5470 Total

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