If you are not a Harris County Criminal Lawyers’ Association member and would like to join in HCCLA’s complaint against Sharon Keller to be filed on Monday, please sign
this form (PDF) and fax it to 832.201.7770.

According to this blog from a Houston attorney, a second complaint against Judge Sharon Keller is in the works. I just heard back from the person who wrote the blog and it is verified. Anyone who wants to sign this second complaint against Keller, lawyers or non-lawyers, should contact Mark Bennett or show up at the location below on Friday, Oct 12.

The Harris County Criminal Lawyers’ Association is going to be filing a complaint against Judge Keller with the Commission on Judicial Conduct on Monday. Tomorrow from about 10:30 a.m. to about noon I will be in the ready room on the 7th floor of the Harris County Criminal Courthouse, 1201 Franklin Street at San Jacinto, with a copy of the complaint for you to sign.

If you know anyone in Houston, let them know about this opportunity to sign the second complaint.

Mark Bennett contact info:

blog: http://www.Defending…

Bennett & Bennett, Lawyers http://www.FightTheF…

(Just lawyers helping people.) http://www.BennettAn…

735 Oxford Street

866.221.8111 (toll-free)

Houston, Texas 77007 USA

713.224.1747 (from Houston and overseas)

832.201.7770 (fax)

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