Someone we know sent this letter to Governor Perry and the Legislature.

Dear Governor Perry and members of the Texas Legislature,

The English poet Alexander Pope saw his fellow men with a clear, if bitter, eye. Writing of judges like Sharon Keller who unnecessarily hurry events along for their own monstrous convenience–in this case,their dinners– he said, “And wretches hang that jurymen may dine.”

We’d all like to think that in our enlightened age, nothing so terrible could happen, but apparently it has. Ms. Keller’s decision to close her court arbitrarily early and thus deny Michael Richard any hope of appeal is breathtaking in its cruel heartlessness. With that decision, Ms. Keller forfeited her privilege to be called “Judge” and earned her the title “Monster.”

She should be removed from the Bench by whatever means is swift and final. Let her be the recipient of the justice she denied Mr. Michael.

Muriel Stubbs
Retired teacher

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