In a long editorial today, the Fort Worth Star Telegram argues that Texas should use the opportunity of the current de facto moratorium on executions to conduct a comprehensive examination of the death penalty in Texas. The question is where is the political leadership by Perry, Craddick, Dewhurst, Whitmire and Pena. They should set up an interim committee to study the system and make recommendations for the reforms to the next session of the Legislature in 2009.

From the Star Telegram:

Despite undeniable popular support for capital punishment, enough doubts surround its basic fairness that Texas should conduct a full re-evaluation of who is subjected to it, what circumstances warrant it and how it’s delivered. And the current hiatus offers the opportunity.

Texas had no problem taking the lead on execution by lethal injection 25 years ago. If Texas wants to continue using a punishment from which there’s no return, this state should lead the way in repairing the glaring flaws in its administration.

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