If you would like to help Rick Reed become the most progressive District Attorney in the history of Travis County, you can help by making calls to voters in Travis County telling them why you are supporting Rick Reed.

Go to texas.onlinephonebanking.com to get started.

Scroll down the list of candidates and click on “Rick Reed”. Then enter your name, email and zipcode and you’ll immediately be able to select any precinct to call in Travis County! A screen will then appear with your first voter to call.

Take some time to review that page before making your first call; after a couple of calls we guarantee you’ll get the swing of it. Be yourself and go off the suggested script, if necessary, to convey why you believe voters should cast votes for Rick Reed (For instance, he is the most progressive candidate in the DA race. He would not seek the death penalty in Travis County, instead using life without parole. He has proven that he can stand up to powerful politicians with the Public Integrity Unit).

Visit Rick’s website for more information on him

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