The Austin American-Statesman endorsed George W. Bush for president on October 10, 2004. Bush went on to lose Travis County 56 percent to 42 percent. Once again, the Statesman is showing how out of touch it is with progressive Austin voters by saying the Statesman Editorial Board could not endorse Rick Reed for Travis County District Attorney because of his rejection of the death penalty.

Instead, the Statesman is endorsing the most pro-death penalty candidate in the race and the one who was the lead prosecutor who charged an 11 year old girl with capital murder, only to see his conviction of her overturned because he allowed a coerced interrogation statement to be used in the trial even though it was obtained without her being able to have either a lawyer or her parents present and even though she did not even understand what the word “homicide” meant.

Rick Reed is standing up for Austin values. He is standing up for us. He stood up for us when he pushed to indict Tom Delay for using corporate money to influence the outcome of elections. He is standing up for us by rejecting the death penalty.

Rick Reed has shown that when the chips are down, Austin can count on him to stand up and fight for them and their progressive values.

The Statesman backed the right wing candidate in the November 2004 presidential election and they are backing another pro-death penalty conservative for Travis County DA, but the people of Travis County can reject their conservative advice on March 4, just like they rejected their endorsment of George W Bush in 2004.

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