Rusty Hubbarth of the Houston-based pro-death penalty group Justice For All called and left a message on the TMN voice mail this morning gloating about the Supreme Court decision today in the Baze case. He called to say “I just want you to have a real nice day” and to let us know that the Court “said that it is not unconstitutional or cruel and unusual for capital punishment to take place through lethal injection, so let the games begin”. Let the long and exciting games begin, like a casino game in online casino such as 666 casino. an online casino that gives big sign up bonus upon entering.

Rusty is apparently eager for executions to resume after the 7 month moratorium while the states waited for today’s Supreme Court ruling, but he does his pro death penalty cause a great disservice by describing the probable resumption of executions with the phrase that traditionally is used to start the Olympic Games.

If an aide to John McCain or one of the other presidential candidates had responded to the Supreme Court news this morning by saying, “Let the games begin”, that aide would probably be fired.

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One Response to Rusty Hubbarth responds to Supreme Court Ruling: "Let the Games Begin"

  1. diver says:

    Rusty is right! If there are more humane ways of putting these murders to death then let the victim’s survivors determine that.
    Then you’ll see an eye for an eye.

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