The following statement by Kenneth Foster’s grandfather, Lawrence Foster, was read at the Save Jeff Wood rally in San Antonio on August 2, 2008.

I really would like to be with you today and show my support for Jeff Wood and his family. Unfortunately I had a commitment to take one of Kenneth’s friends from France to the prison to visit him this weekend, so I cannot be there.

Jeff’s case is so much like Kenneth’s case; it is like a mirror image. I remember thinking last summer that Texas had already executed the killer and yet they wanted Kenneth. It is the same for Jeff. The killer has been executed. What more does Texas want? Jeff is not guilty of anything and wasn’t event in the store. This is nothing but revenge, pure and simple. What do they want? Two for one? Two people to be executed for one murder?

Last summer I was constantly praying to God to prevent a murder of an innocent person. I told God that he knew Kenneth was innocent and that he couldn’t allow Kenneth to be punished for something he did not do. Now this summer they want to do the same thing. There’s no logic in this. Jeff Wood is not guilty of anything. What type of justice system do we have that would kill an innocent person?

What I have been through with my grandson facing an execution last summer for something he did not do is just what the family of Jeff Wood is going through now. It is devastating to have a child that is fixing to be murdered by the state. It is awful. It is really nothing but revenge.

There is no way that anyone can understand what’s happening when someone’s son or brother or father or husband is being set to be murdered. It is so devastating and no family should have to go through what ours did and what Jeff’s family is going through now. Killing does not solve a problem but makes things worse. What a person goes through waiting for a loved one to be killed is just terror. Texas would not be killing just Jeff. Look at his family that loves him dearly. They are being punished more.

I have had many, many restless days and nights. Not an hour goes by, even now, that I am not thinking of what could have happened if Kenneth had been executed. I had confidence in my faith that Kenneth wouldn’t be executed for something he didn’t do. It is such a blessing to see my grandson still living.

Now, today I just hope and pray that no other family has to go though what we have been through. I pray for the family of Jeff Wood and hope that justice will come for them also.

Whatever time what Jeff has spent incarcerated is time enough. He should not be executed but should be set free. I don’t believe that the majority of people in Texas would agree with executing Jeff Wood.

The law of parties is merely for the DA. The law of parties is to win convictions but has nothing to do with justice. The law of parties should be revised or eliminated.

Why do they want to take Jeff’s life? Where is justice in Texas today? It is sure not in killing Jeff Wood. His execution should be stopped today.

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